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FAD Magazine: The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London before the end of February
"What is it like to date and fall in love in the digital age? From Virtual Reality Tinder to an eye marked with a ‘seen’ and a tick this exhibition examines the modern dating environment."

Libération: Do you want 30 seconds of crazy love?
"Valentina Peri conceived the exhibition as a form of exploration of emerging practices and current do-it-yourself projects which even the new generations do not always master the rules. «Everyone is in a kind of learning process,» she says, which makes the artists’ work all the more interesting: their creations both anticipate and question future sentimental and/or sexual practices."

Le Bonbon: Data Dating, the exhibition that tells us what it means to love in the age of the Internet
"Digital sexuality and romance are explored in all their aspects in this exhibition which is clearly worth a visit."

The Steidz: We liked Data Dating
"In the 21st century, Valentina Peri, curator of the exhibition, seems to indicate, love will be convulsive or will not be. [...] Data Dating manages, by playing on the algorithms of love, to make us doubt our own programs. A troubling exhibition."

Télérama: Data Dating
"Valentina Peri has collected some installations showing the deviations of modern romance with online dating sites (hacked here by the collective Mediengruppe Bitnik), videoconferencing applications like FaceTime (for a virtual reinterpretation of the mythical scene of Titanic), the exacerbated use of Twitter by teenagers without limits (Kill Your Darlings), the development of pornography and voyeurism on social networks (Peeping Tom)..."

Usbek & Rica: How do we love in the Internet age ?
"Data Dating makes us touch with our fingers the dark side of romanticism and travel to the heart of an era where the pornographic site PornHub exceeded 91,980,225,000 views in 2016, proof of the slippage of what Valentina Peri calls our «sexual scripts», that is to say what shapes our carnal practices and fantasies. "

Libération: Could you be fooled by an AI?
"When you talk to a stranger online, are you sure it’s a human? Until July 26, Galerie Charlot invites you to meet five fembots: these robots of female dialogue are linked to a scandal resounding on the Internet."

L’ADN: Ok Google, what does it mean to love in the 21st century?
"The Data Dating exhibition, as magnetic as it is worrying, plunges us into a world of romantic and pornographic curiosities."

NEON: Data Dating: Love in the Internet Age exposes itself in Paris
"Through twelve installations by several international artists, the exhibition raises the question of the impact of new technologies on our relationships and our intimacy."

Arts Hebdo Medias: Love in the digital dark
"Valentina Peri signs for the gallery Charlot, in Paris, one of the most interesting exhibitions of the moment in the capital. Data Dating explores the world of relationships in the age of the Internet and social networks. Everyone has heard about dating sites and applications, but how many have had the curiosity, time, desire to look at how they work and/or their codes ?"

Salvia Moon blog: Art that returns the gaze: Data Dating
"The state- of-the-art, hyperdigital exhibit [...] could easily be branded as a “millennial thing”. But perhaps it’s a sign of the times; as the Internet’s sheer penetrative power comes to feel like a fundamental feature of the human condition, we’re no longer able to classify digital romance as a discrete generational phenomenon."

Transfuge: Computer Love
"What would an ultracontemporary «De amore» look like ? Probably at that exhibition at Galerie Charlot. [...] Each of the pieces in the Data Dating exhibition is an avatar of this new mutant love... and a touchstone for trying to grasp its elusive nature. A question that Valentina Peri, associate director of the Gallery, seeks to map the refractions in contemporary art."

Libération: Does the person I love...want to?
"Type the first words of a question on Google: «Does she want to? The search engine offers: «Does she want to go out with me?», «Does she want to leave me?», «Does she want to see me again?» This is called autocompletion. An artist made it the driving force of a magnificent love poem."

Cultur’Club: Data Dating
"Three good reasons to go : it’s young, current and so hot!"

Mu in the City: Data Dating
"One of the most interesting current exhibitions in Paris. [...] The subject of the exhibition is surprising, with an impeccable execution."

Ramdam: Data Dating exhibition: sex and love in the Internet Age
"At a time when meeting online is becoming a norm, when love is becoming a juicy financial windfall and when it is sometimes easier to get naked online than with one’s lover, the work of a dozen international artists tries to answer each of these questions."

Le Bonbon: The must-see exhibitions in June
"Digital sexuality and romance are explored in all its aspects in this exhibition which is clearly worth a visit."

The Londonist: Events in London
"Find out how our screens are affecting our sexual intimacy, and what romance could look like in the future."
Contemporary Lynx: What does it means to love in the Internet Age

Le Suricate Magazine: «SWIPE RIGHT! Data, Dating, Desire est une exposition très stimulante qui vaut le détour. Tout en créant des ponts entre art, sciences et technologies, elle offre une expérience de visite ludique et très personnelle.»

RTBF: «L’amour «numérisé» est loin d’être «virtuel». Ce projet évoque largement l’importance des écrans sur notre intimité sexuelle et notre désir de «connexion». Par le biais d’artistes belges et internationaux»

Focus Vif: «Qu’est-ce que l’amour à l’ère numérique?»

Revue Kot-Kot: «Du 22 octobre 2021 au 9 janvier 2022, découvrez l’impact des écrans sur notre intimité sexuelle et notre désir de connexion.»

Knack: «EEG Kiss van het duo Lancel/Maat is slechts een van de vele intrigerende installaties op de tentoonstelling Swipe Right! Data, Dating, Desire, waar een rist kunstenaars liefde en verlangen in digitale tijden onder de loep neemt.»

Audioboom: «Would you care to have a kinky conversation with several attractive young women? Or perhaps you prefer to spin around a dance floor, staring deeply into your lover’s eyes, via your smartphone?»

The Bulletin in Brussels: «Lick an iPad and meet your dream bot at exhibition on digital desire.»

Network Cultures: “The exhibition aims to question the shapes of our relationships through digital interfaces and especially since the pandemic’s enhancement of loneliness, therefore the online realm.»

Artworks: ProGallery Widget
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