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Kill Your Darlings: Parcours


Jeroen van Loon

Kill Your Darlings shows the transformation of our teenagers as beautiful little darlings into cruel little devils. This transformation shows how digital culture has changed how we think about privacy, bullying and the use of real-time media.

Internet has given everybody his or her own channel to talk to the whole world. Who is actually listening is not always important of even known. More importantly Twitter has made thoughts, opinions and in a bigger context, social relationships, freely available for everyone to enjoy.

Kill Your Darlings shows us the ‘private’ social circles of young teenage girls. Here we can see everything, look past their perfect, pretty and cute profile photos and see their not so perfect and often shocking tweets that they use to publicly insult, offend and abuse.

Kill Your Darlings uses small LCD-key chains shaped in the form of a little heart to show this content.
Each individual heart shows a picture of a young teenage girl only to be followed up by one of her most hateful tweets that completely shatters her own ‘perfect’ image.

Kill Your Darlings: Citation
Kill Your Darlings: Pro Gallery
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