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Glaciers: Parcours


Zach Gage


Electronic Sculptures
Custom wood enclosure, raspberry pi, adafruit pervasive visions 2.7” display kit,

adaptor, patch cable, 16gb microsd card

Courtesy Postmasters gallery, NY

Zach Gage's Glaciers (2015-16), a series of digital poems-as-wall- clocks that grew out of his explorations in slow generative art, as well as his longterm obsession with making large-scale data systems more accessible. He achieves the latter by finding humanity in the data, rather than focusing on its broad statistical nature.
Each Glacier is a unique poem generated via the top three autocompleted results for a specific search query on, presented on an e-ink screen. Though the works appear static, each refreshes once a day. Because of the immense amount of data flow, and in particular the usage of this search engine, it's likely that the Glaciers will continue to change for years to come. One day, it will inevitably end, resulting in a frozen set of phrases – the long moment having passed.

Glaciers: Citation
Glaciers: Pro Gallery
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