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A Truly Magical Moment: Parcours

Dani Ploeger
Tablet app, digital video (50”), tissues, computer screen disinfectant

Considered from a Marxist perspective, tablet computers may be the ultimate fetish commodities. The artist wanted to turn the tablet into a Freudian fetish object.

A tablet computer is installed in a dark enclosure. Screen disinfectant and a box of tissues are attached to the outside of the enclosure, reminiscent of a classic pornographic cinema setting. Visitors are invited to enter the space, disinfect the screen and lick it. Through continuous licking, the screen will gradually light up. The tongue and face of the user are increasingly illuminated. The piece ends when maximum screen luminosity has been reached, or once the user gives up

A Truly Magical Moment: Citation
A Truly Magical Moment: Pro Gallery
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