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CROSSLUCID is an artistic collective comprising of Sylwana Zybura and Tomas Toth. Their hybrid practice - both commissioned and self-directed - encompasses film, photography, character design, experience-led interventions and the concept of ‘world-building’, often incorporating multi-layered techniques of collage, assemblage, visual essay and CGI.

Interlacing archetypes and symbols, artificial intelligence and science fiction as well as mythologies from across time and place they create scenarios in which we could use storytelling to prototype and rehearse forthcoming futures.

Their projects have been commissioned and exhibited by NOWNESS, Boiler Room, HERVISIONS, NXS World, Import Projects, the wrong biennale, meConvention, Google Arts&Culture, Fringe!, VIDEOFORMES, Trauma Bar und Kino, ARTNIGHT London and LUX Moving Image amongst others.

John Yuyi: CV
John Yuyi: Citation
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