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The Myth of Female Solidarity: Parcours


Eva Ostrowska
Hand tufted tapestry depicting a direct message of a nude received on Instagram.
74 x 80 cm

A dick pic, is a picture of a man’s genitals. Most of the time, it will be un-solicited and sent by anonymous men over the Internet. It is the kind of message that pops-up on your phone in the middle of your working day, or that wakes you up in the middle of night at 3 AM with a sick feeling in your stomach. It has become a vehicle for expressing sexual interest in someone, or for flirting online. No futile presentations, such as ‘Hey my name is...’ or ‘Nice to meet you...’ are needed anymore. A simple man’s penis can do the entire job of seduction. It’s straight to the point, it doesn’t waste time, and it can be experienced as something very aggressive for the receiver.

Who said romance was dead? 3 AM Classics, explores the emergent dating code in which dick pics are the new way to know if a man is into you. It presents our new generation with the challenge of identifying what we mean by Romance. Are we missing something? Can romance survive?

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