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Green Room: Parcours

Noémi Iglesias
Mixed Media
Copyright Noemi Iglesias & Los Bragales Art Collection

The search for romantic love through online dating applications is currently an important consumer vector in the digital market. The communication and interaction parameters used in virtual emotional relationships respond to hierarchical marketing structures where each click made by the user creates a financial incentive that perpetuates a system of sentimental superficiality.

All our information is monitored, tracked, measured and recorded, building a fairly accurate base model of who we are and who we might want to love. This type of technology is gradually, and practically imperceptibly, modifying our emotional behaviour, generating a staggered system where affective bonds are considered as a hedonistic object of easy consumption. Desire is no longer determined by the unconscious, but by a conscious choice based on previously calculated parameters that precede one’s feelings in time and importance.

Off Love aims to offer a reflection on this standardized and repetitive model proposed by dating applications where emotions are exposed to public manipulation, limiting and fragmenting our capacity for emotional closeness.


Green Room: Citation
Green Room: Pro Gallery
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