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Marco Cadioli, artist and teacher, has focused his research on images that materialize on computer screens, blurring the boundaries between real and virtual since the early 2000s. His current works deal with how and what Artificial Intelligence is learning, introducing once again a new form of vision. In many works by Marco Cadioli there is a subversion of the use of systems and software, misused or used to do more than their main purpose to go beyond the surface of the algorithms.

He has exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions including: Interfacce del presente (BASE Milano 2019), #LAYERS Contemporary Art in the Digital Era (iMAL, Brussels 2018) DADACLUB.ONLINE (Brescia, 2017) Necessary Lines, LinkArt Center (personal, Brescia 2014) Abstract Journeys, Gloria Maria Gallery, (personal Milan 2012), InterAccess (Toronto 2013), Neoludica (54th Venice Biennale 2011), AFK (Casino Luxembourg, 2011), FotoGrafia Festival of Rome (MACRO Testaccio, 2010), Reality Festival (Paris 2008), PEAM Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting (2006).

Cadioli is a professor at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and at the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. Lives and works in Milano.

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