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The Myth of Female Solidarity: Parcours

Eva Ostrowska
Hand tufted tapestry of a Google search on ‘how to find love again’.
90 x 115 cm

It suddenly feels less lonely to browse the Internet. We are not the only ones to ask ourselves some existential questions. We are indeed ‘alone together’ in our expectation that the Internet will provide us with all possible answers. The machines have become our intimate companions. People find support on the Web when they have something serious on their minds, or when they want to find some guidance in life. The Internet browser is often used as a therapist.

I am not the only one wondering... explores how the web has become the new Oracle, to which we ask questions, in the same way that the ancient Greeks would ask questions to the Great Pythia Oracle. Sometimes the black screen provides us with a good omen, but at other times, as it was for the ancient Greeks, it can confuse us with its magical vapours.

The Myth of Female Solidarity: Citation
The Myth of Female Solidarity: Pro Gallery
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