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Figure 9.2_Lancel_Maat_Digital Synaesthetic E.E.G. Kiss_2016_Audiovisual Performative Inst
Peeping Tom (Porn Version): Parcours

2014 - 2022
Ongoing art-science-technology-society research
Performance - Installation

Can I kiss you online? How does your kiss feel in E.E.G. data?
Can we transfer a kiss and it’s intimacy online? Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Do we want to save our private kisses in a transparent database - to be used by others?
In E.E.G. KISS the artists investigate how a kiss can be translated into bio-feedback data. They deconstruct the kiss, to reconstruct a new synesthetic kissing ritual. In a Global Kiss-In, through feeling, seeing, hearing, touching all participants together share a kiss.

In performances and live kissing experiments with Brain Computer Interfaces, visitors are invited to kiss. While kissing and wearing E.E.G. headsets, their brainwaves are measured and visible as E.E.G. data. A floor projection encircles the kissers with the real time streaming E.E.G. data, as an immersive data scape. A soundscape is generated by the Brain Computer Interface, which translates the real time E.E.G. data of ‘kissing brains’ into a algorithm for a music score: an E.E.G. KISS symphony. The public around is part of the kiss, of the sound and of the immersive E.E.G.-data-visualization; both as an aesthetic experience as well as based on acts of kissing resonating when mirrored in the brain.

How does your kiss feel in E.E.G. data?
In EEG KISS, data are researched as 'Co-Actors' shaping our intimate relations.
Each unique E.E.G. KISS visual data sequence is saved in a database, and can be printed as an E.E.G. KISS Portrait. Each E.E.G. KISS soundscape is saved in a public database on the website; to be downloaded and shared. The soundscape is developed with Tijs Ham at STEIM Amsterdam.

Golden Calf Nomination, Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) Interactive 2019

GAAC Global Art & A.I. Competition 2019 Award China

EMARE /EMAP Award, by European Media Art Platform - Creative Europe Program

Peeping Tom (Porn Version): Citation
Peeping Tom (Porn Version): Pro Gallery
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