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Webcam Venus: Parcours

Jonas Blume

Video (color, sound)
Dimensions variable
5 min, 57 sec

Nearby  features profile images of the artist’s Tinder matches, and turns them into animated masks recounting the information users share on their profiles and performing their dating identities via Snapchat’s face-swapping lens. By inventing a setting for each character it opens up questions about online identity and how we represent ourselves within a network. Even though online profiles are curated expressions of self, the amount of information they communicate is limited, rendering any online self subject to imagination by the users they interact with. Nearby implicates this loss of control over our digital selves since they are open to appropriation. To exist online is to be vulnerable, which is why we invent different selves for different contexts. Nearby specifically explores the selves we consider suitable for dating.

Webcam Venus: Citation
Webcam Venus: Pro Gallery
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