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Ashley Madison Angels at Work: Parcours
Paintings In Gallery

!Mediengruppe Bitnik
5-channel video installation.
Full-HD, 16:9, sound, loop 8:30 min
40" LCD screens, trolley stands, cables,
video players, pink neon light

Ashley Madison Angels at Work is part of a series of works researching Ashley Madison, a Canadian online dating service marketed worldwide to married people seeking an affair. In July and August 2015, an anonymous group called "The Impact Team" stole and released all of Ashley Madison's internal data – including the entire website code and functionality, customer data and the CEO's emails.
The data breach revealed that - with a disproportionate number of male subscribers and virtually no human women on the site - Ashley Madison had created an army of 75,000 female chatbots to draw the 32 million male users into (costly) conversations. !Mediengruppe Bitnik use Ashley Madison as a case study to raise questions around the current relationship between human and machine, Internet intimacy and the use of virtual platforms to disrupt the physical.
The installation Ashley Madison Angels at Work confronts the viewer with female bots from the hacked Canadian online-dating platform Ashley Madison that are shown on monitors with movable TV trolleys.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik adapts the work to the location of each exhibition by using the data specific to the city such as Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, Athens, Geneva, Brescia and London.
Mounted on stands, viewers encounter the fembots at eye-level as seductive machine-creatures with robot-technology, artificial voices, and 3-D rendered human faces based on idealized beauty standards.

“Is anybody home lol?”
“U busy?”
“What brings you here?”

Ashley Madison Angels at Work: Citation
Ashley Madison Angels at Work: Pro Gallery
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